Sydney Capital Theatre

Mamma Mia! The Musical 

Directed by: Gary Young

Creative Team: 

Director: Gary Young

Sound Designer: Michael Waters

Set Designer: Linda Bewick

Costume Designer: Suzy Strout

Lighting Designer: Gavin Swift

Sound Design Assistant: Julian Starr 

mama mia pic.jpg

Queensland Performing Arts Centre 

Disney's Aladdin The Musical

Directed by: Casey Nicholaw





Creative Team: 


Director: Casey Nicholaw

Sound Designer: Ken Travis

Set Designer: Bob Crowley

Lighting Designer: Natasha Katz

Australiasia Sound Design Associate: Michael Waters

Sound Design Assistant to

Michael Waters: Julian Starr

Aladdin pic.jpg

Seymour Centre

The Shifting Heart

Directed by: Kim Hardwick

Creative Team: 

Director: Kim Hardwick

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Set Designer: Isabel Hudson

Lighting Designer: Martin Kinnane

shifting heart pic.jpg

The Weekend Notes Australia, Reviewer Emma Jane

Sound designer Julian Starr's work is similarly minimalist and subtle, to great effect. 


Sadler's Wells, West End London

The Tap Pack

Directed by: Nigel Turner- Carroll





Creative Team: 


Director: Nigel Turner- Carroll

Sound Designer: Tony Gayle

Set Designer: Justin Nardella

Sound Design Assistant: Julian Starr


Valtice Castle, Czech Republic

The Comedy of Errors

Directed by: Dan Dawes

Creative Team: 

Director: Dan Dawes

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Lighting Designer: Matt Part

Edinburgh Festival/ London Tour

You Only Live Forever

Directed by: Chris Head





Creative Team: 


Director: Chris Head

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Lighting Designer: Rose Hockaday


Edinburgh Festival/ UK Tour

Gulliver Returns

Directed by: Dan Coleman



Creative Team: 


Director: Dan Coleman

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Lighting Designer: Ben Hughes



Gulliver image .jpg

The Edinburgh List, Reviewer Alistair Maxwell  


The damp cavern of Underbelly's Big Belly venue is filled with Julian Starr's murky score, and the soundtrack helps to conjure a feeling of almost Lovecraftian madness

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Edinburgh Castle


Creative Team: 


Sound Designer: Sebastian Frost

Sound Production Engineer: Julian Starr


Bunker Theatre, London


Directed by: Robbie Taylor- Hunt



Creative Team: 


Director: Robbie Taylor- Hunt

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Set & Costume Designer: Natalie Johnson

Lighting Designer: Catja Hamilton




The Stage, Reviewer Paul Vale,


An orchestrated riot of sound and movement.

Finborough Theatre

A Winning Hazard

Directed by: Phillip Rouse





Creative Team: 


Director: Phillip Rouse

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Set & Costume Designer: Martelle Huntress

Lighting Designer: Euan Davies


            The Spy In The Stalls, Reviewer Joanna Hetherington 


Keeping the work in its original period with fitting music (Julian Starr) gives it a contemporary feel in pace and movement.

Giant Killers.preview.jpg

UK Tour 

The Giant Killers

Directed by: Andrew Loudon



Creative Team: 


Director: Andrew Loudon

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Set & Costume Designer: Justin Williams

Lighting Designer: Venus Raven



UK Tour


Directed by: Ellie Gauge 


Creative Team: 


Director: Ellie Gauge

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Lighting Designer: Ed Theakston


A nuanced and subtle performance by Sanders who perfectly captures both characters, switching between them with ease, aided by Julian Starr’s eloquently executed sound design.

            LondonTheatre1, Reviewer Laura Thomas 


BroadwayBaby UK, Reviewer Christopher Kelsey


A special mention must also go to Julian Starr as the sound designer. The sound cues are delicate but well suited, transporting the audience from day to night and along the coast at the slightest effects which truly help bring this magical tale to life.



London Tour 


Directed by: AJ

Off West End Theatre Award Best Sound Design


Creative Team: 


Director: AJ

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Set & Costume Designer: Alys Whitehead

Lighting Designer: Joseph Thomas



Aisha dance.jpg

                                                North West End, Reviewer Isla Robinson


Julian Starr’s inventive sound design clear establishes an atmosphere of dread. At moments when Aisha’s abuser returns audio cues, such as the turn of the key, inspire a response of fear. Jarrett compels the audience to listen to these noises - either audible or imagined. 

Kings Head Theatre

The Boy Under The Christmas Tree

Directed by: Glenn Chandler 





Creative Team: 


Director: Glenn Chandler

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Set and Costume Designer: David Shields

Lighting Designer: Jack Wills