Late Night Staring At High Res Pixels 

Produced by The Finborough Theatre

and Aegis Productions

Directed by: Lily McLeish


Creative Team: 


Director: Lily McLeish

Sound Designer & Composer: Julian Starr

Set and Costume Designer: Anna Reid

Lighting Designer: Anthony Doran

Late night Staring .jpg

Julian Starr’s score is hypnotic and creates dreaminess, but also unease, so that we anticipate an outbreak of violence that never comes.

                                                The Guardian UK Reviewer Arifa Akbar



Julian Starr’s sound with music bubbling underneath brought tension.

                                                London Pub Theatres Reviewer Kate Pettigrew



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Metro Arts, Brisbane

Directed by: Heather Fairbairn




Creative Team: 


Director: Heather Fairbairn

Sound Designer & Composer: Julian Starr

Set and Costume Designer: Sarah Winter

Lighting Designer: Christine Felmingham 

The music accompanying the play is an important part of it throughout. To start with, all goes dark - a premonition of darker things to come? The music thunders. At times, it was loud enough to feel a little uncomfortable. But it certainly allowed for anticipation and some foreboding. Julian Starr is responsible for sound design and music. 

                                              Weekend Notes Reviewer Marina Marangos



                                              Stage Whispers Reviewer Beth Keen



Excellent music by Composer/Sound Designer Julian Starr helped to make this theme palpable.

                                              Blue Curtains Brisbane Reviewer Meredith 



Even without knowledge of this structure, there is much anticipation during the required mid-show choreographed set reconstruction, which is only enhanced by Julian Starr’s vivid, atmospheric sound design fevering forebodingly to crescendo.

                                              Theatre Haus Reviewer Oliver Gough



Sound design and composition by Julian Starr is truly foreboding and inventive; from bleak, blared horns to crackling electronic transition pieces and sonic jump scares. With big scores to settle and some dark twists along the way, the wheels of tragedy are set firmly into motion.



Old Fitz Theatre, Sydney





Creative Team: 


Creative Leads: Adriane Daff, Mikala Westall

Sound Designer & Composer: Julian Starr

                                              Sydney Morning Herald Reviewer - Cassie Tongue

Julian Star’s sound designs and compositions elevate the emotional gravity of the story.

                                            Suzy Go Sees Reviewer Suzy Wrong

Buoyed by the adventurous musical stylings of Julian Starr, we all get caught up in an undefinable space, half lucid and half catatonic. 

Return to the Dirt 
Queensland Theatre Company

Winner of the Queensland Premier’s Drama Award 2020–21 

Directed by: Lee Lewis

Creative Team: 

Director: Lee Lewis

Sound Designer & Composer: Julian Starr

Set and Costume Designer: Renée Mulder

Lighting Designer: Ben Hughes 

         Artshub Reviewer - Gillian Wills                                ★★★1/2


Credit should go to Julian Starr, whose sound design sparked just the right tone.  

Return to the dirt.jpg

The Saturday Paper - Yen- Long Wong

Julian Starr complement the way the production balances seriousness and levity.