KINDRED SPIRITS The Brockley Jack Theatre

Directed by: Kate Bannister




Creative Team: 


Director: Kate Bannister

Sound Designer & Composer: Julian Starr

Set and Costume Designer: Karl Swinyard

Lighting Designer: Robbie Butler

offie sound design.jpg

His shift between the two characters is remarkable, at times switching between the two rapidly, only using the well-utilised varying lighting and sound cues from Robbie Butler and Julian Starr.

                                               The Reviews Hub Reviewer Christine Stanton

Julian Starr’s sound design adding wonderful atmosphere, especially in the film noir pastiches.

                                              Fairy Powered Productions Reviewer Claire Roderick


Never Not Once The Park Theatre

Directed by: Katharine Farmer 



Creative Team: 


Director: Katharine Farmer

Sound Designer & Composer: Julian Starr

Set and Costume Designer: Roisin Martindale 

Lighting Designer: Jamie Platt 

Never Not Once Promotional Trailer. Music Score by Julian Starr 

The performances are enhanced by Roisin Martindale‘s carefully chosen costumes and set design and by Julian Starr’s sound composition that supports and contributes to the various moods.

                                              BroadwayBaby Reviewer Mel Evans

blue fizzy sherbet].jpg

BLUE Fizzy Sherbet Podcast

Directed by: Lily McLeish






Creative Team: 


     Writer: Caridad Svich

Director: Lily McLeish

Composer & Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Performed By: Irene Jacob

                                             Hackney Citizen Reviewer Lizzie McAllister

‘Immersion that pushes the boundaries of traditional theatre’

In the case of Fizzy Sherbet, the play becomes a purely aural experience, with soundscapes and voice manipulation by sound designer Julian Starr creating an incredible, immersive experience – even without the visuals.

The production goes to show how powerful sound can be in engrossing listeners, pushing the boundaries of what might be considered ‘theatre’ in the traditional sense.

The swimmer is played by acclaimed Swiss actor Irene Jacob, whose richly mature, slightly accented voice, combined with Caridad Svich’s rhythmic language and Julian Starr’s sound design, makes it easy to imagine limbs steadily powering through water. 

                                              The Reviews Hub Reviewer Rachel Kent