UK Tour 


Directed by: Mike Shepherd





Creative Team: 


Director: Mike Shepherd

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Composer: Johnny Flynn

Set and Costume Designer: Katie Skyles

Lighting Designer: Ric Mountjoy 


ZOG. Photo Credit Helen Maybanks (5).jpg

Ambassadors Theatre, West End London

Songs For Nobodies

Directed by: Simon Phillips








Creative Team: 


Director: Simon Phillips

Sound Designer: Tony Gayle & Justin Teasdale

Set and Costume Designer: Justin Nardella

Lighting Designer: Malcolm Rippeth 

Sound Engineer: Julian Starr


Omnibus Theatre 

The Orchestra

Directed by: Kristine Landon- Smith




Creative Team: 


Director: Kristine Landon-Smith

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Composer: Felix Cross

Set and Costume Designer: Sue Mayers

Lighting Designer: Angus Chisholm



Vaults Festival

White Noise

Directed by: Simona Gonella












Creative Team: 


Director: Simona Gonella

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Video Designer: Shanko Chaudhuri


white noise.jpg

Union Theatre 


Directed by: Phil Willmott


Creative Team: 


Director: Phil Willmott

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Set and Costume Designer: Justin Williams & Jonny Rust

Lighting Designer: Zoe Burnham



                                                The Stage, Reviewer Julia Rank


Julian Starr’s delicate sound design heightens the production’s sensuousness even further.

beautiful sound design by Julian Starr

                                                The Upcoming, Reviewer Michael Higgs


Park Theatre

Cry Havoc

Directed by: Pamela Schermann


Creative Team: 


Director: Pamela Schermann

Sound Designer & Composer: Julian Starr

Set and Costume Designer: Emily Bestow

Lighting Designer: Petr Vocka



                                                The LGBTQ Arts Review, Reviewer Kirsty Blewett


gorgeous sound design by Julian Starr masks the transitions, enabling the flow. The sound also helps subtly drive the undertones of the piece.

                                                BroadwayBaby, Reviewer Richard Beck


Assisting in that department is a sensuous and mystical sound design from Julian Starr 

Old Fitz Theatre

Alice In Slasherland

Directed by: Rachel Kerry


Creative Team: 


Director: Rachel Kerry

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Set Designer: Lauren Peters

Lighting Designer: Benjamin Brockman


Alice in slasherland .jpg

Flick Flick City, Reviewer Felicity Anderson                                                                     

Julian Starr has smashed it out of the park with the sound design, music reverberating through the crowd - encouraging us to whoop and holler through fight scenes

Night Writes Sydney                                                                   

Starr's selection of pop and hip-hop inspired soundscapes which heightened the impressiveness of these scenes. 

Park Theatre

Hell Yes I'm Tough Enough

Directed by: Roland Reynolds



Creative Team: 


Director: Roland Reynolds

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Set and Costume Designer: Isabella Van Braeckel

Lighting Designer: Alex Hopkins



                                                British Theatre, Reviewer Julian Eaves


Julian Starr washes the whole with a booming, self-important, almost conceited soundscape

Brockley Jack Theatre

Precious Little

Directed by: Kate Bannister


Creative Team: 


Director: Kate Bannister

Sound Designer & Composer: Julian Starr

Set Designer: Karl Swinyard

Lighting Designer: Ben Jacobs


PL Brockley Jack .jpg

                                                British Theatre Guide, Reviewer Sandra Giorgetti


During scene changes, pacy, atmospheric music (sound design and composition by Julian Starr) hints at a growing urgency

                                                BroadwayBaby, Reviewer Christopher Kelsey


Julian Starr did the sound composition but also composed a lot of the music in the play. The added tense music to the clinic scene bought a level of tension that had not been present in the jaunty music we had heard thus far. 

After DArk pic .jpg

Finborough Theatre

After Dark

Directed by: Phil Willmott



Creative Team: 


Director: Phil Willmott

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

Set: Hannah Postlethwaite

Lighting Designer: Zac Macro


                                                TheSpyInTheStalls, Reviewer Abi Davies


In fact sound (Julian Starr) and lighting (Zak Macro) are, uniformly, first class

Soho Theatre

You Only Live Forever

Directed by: Chris Head








Creative Team: 


Director: Chris Head

Sound Designer: Julian Starr


Edinburgh Festival/Above The Stag

The Good Scout

Directed by: Glenn Chandler



Creative Team: 


Director: Glenn Chandler

Sound Designer & Composer: Julian Starr

Lighting Designer: Jack Wills

Costume Designer: David Shields



                                                BroadwayBaby, Reviewer Christopher Kelsey


Julian Starr has found yet more sounds to enhance the settings and heighten the moods.

Edinburgh Castle 

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 








Creative Team: 

Sound Designer: Sebastian Frost 

Production Sound Engineer: Julian Starr 


UK/Ireland Tour 2019-2020

An Inspector Calls

Directed by: Stephen Daldry









Creative Team: 


Director: Stephen Daldry

Sound Designer: Sebastian Frost

Lighting Designer: Rick Fisher

Set Designer: Ian Mc'Neil

Production Sound Engineer: Julian Starr



The Park Theatre

Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis






Creative Team: 

Director: Robert Wolstenholme

Set Designer: Amy Mitchell

Lighting Designer: Nat Green

Sound Designer: Julian Starr

wind of heaven pic_edited.jpg

The Finborough Theatre

The Wind of Heaven

Directed by: Will Maynard

Standing Ovation Nomination


Creative Team: 


Director: Will Maynard

Sound Designer & Composer: Julian Starr

Lighting Designer: Ryan Stafford

Set Designer: Ceci Calf


London Pub Theatres, Reviewer Saul Reichlin


sound design and direction by Julian Starr and Rhiannon Drake, respectively, enhance the mood and the story wonderfully.

                                           The Reviews Hub, Reviewer David Guest


the haunting music (the spirit-filled wind of heaven of the play’s title) composed by Julian Starr and Rhiannon Drake – herald angels or the sound of a blessed community opening its hearts and minds?

                                           Church Times, Reviewer Peter Graystone


The simple staging features gorgeous Welsh singing, part of Julian Starr’s rich sound design.